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Checkinstall is actually really easy to use. Like it's told in compiling tutorial, you first do:

./configure (--option=argument/path)

then when configure has finished you write


after compiling you simply write

checkinstall -y -S

and you don't have to worry about it. This command makes a package and installs it. Also it leaves copy of this package to current directory in case you need it. If you want to remove package you go to /var/log/packages and write:

removepkg pkgname


Checkinstall also works with a config file: /etc/checkinstall/checkinstallrc. In this file, the options that are especially interesting to a SlackWare user are:


"ARCHITECTURE" sets your architecture (if blank, it will auto guess)

"INSTYPE" specifies the type of package to create (S for Slackware)

"PAK_DIR" is the location where the finished packages will be moved to

"SHOW_SLACK_INSTALL" specifies wether the slackware package info will be shown when it's installed

That's it.

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