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Color management and calibration software

  • oyranos
  • DisplayCAL
  • monica
  • cups-calibrate


Homepage SBo

Provides colormgr console utility for color management.


Desktop color management daemon. It needed to import profiles into colord and apply them to monitor. If you use KDE or Gnome, you do not need xiccd. Gnome uses gnome-settings-daemon instead.

Depends on: colord

Guide for FreeBSD


Requires colord-gtk - gtk library for colord

Useful GUI for colormgr utility.


Package with common icc profiles collection from Adobe and ECI.


xcalib is a tool for direct loading icc profile for monitor.



Lprof does not included in slackbuilds repository.

Requires: qt3, Vigra


Create directory for installation. In my case:

mkdir ~/software/lprof

In order to compile we need some tricks on source tree directory:

find . -iname "*.c" -o -iname "*.cpp" -o -iname "*.h" | xargs sed -i 's/BOOL/bool/g'
find . -iname "*.c" | xargs sed -i '/typedef long int bool/d'
find . -iname "*.c" | xargs sed -i '1i typedef enum { FALSE, TRUE } bool;'


scons PREFIX=~/software/lprof/ qt_directory=/opt/kde3/lib/qt3-3.3.8b/ install


We can use lprof to create icc profile for monitor or camera/scanner.

See also

Page on Archwiki dedicated to this problem

Open source display colorimeter

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