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This contest is completed; congratulations to Marcus

This page is here for those of you who wanted to create logos for's contest. Have at it!!!

From Fred87 Can i have SVGs and/or png's please :)

From erik Mine is a png :)

Submitted by: Dominian on Nov. 17, 2004

Submitted by: jjdm on Nov. 20, 2004
Repainted this book with sodipodi, repainted the slackware-logo and added a third-party svg-tux. You can get the SVG-file at [1]. If you like the logo, but not the colors, feel free to edit the SVG-file. I meen, _please_ edit the SVG if you are good in colors because I'm a little colorblind. Thanks.

Submitted by: erik on Nov. 21, 2004
The Wings of Slack, not mine, original from The Church of the Subgenius.
Should fit right over the old logo (135x135), transparent bg will blend with current bg.

Submitted by: buzzedlightyear on Nov. 23, 2004
Slackware logo, cropped it from a background i found and added text.

Submitted by: tewmten on Dec. 14, 2004
A little penguin writing a book wich has the Slackware S on it.
135x135 with transparent background.

Submitted by: v3ctor on Dec. 15, 2004
Just a little something.

Submitted by: Marcus on Dec. 25, 2004

Feel free to use it: