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Irssi Quick tutorial - Based on


If you did a full install of Slackware, you may already have irssi, and you can skip to the next section of this guide. However, if typing 'irssi' at the command line returns nothing, you will need to install the program. Irssi is located in the 'n' folder of Slackware mirrors - and once you have downloaded it, you only need to run 'installpkg irssi[tab]' as root to install it.


To start the client, "irssi" is entered from either the console or any xterm.

Connecting is done by the /server command /server , would connect to the libera chat server /connect does the same thing but is used to open a new connection in a new window /disconnect is to leave that server.

If the nick or handle is already chosen, just issue /nick somenewhandle , this will change to a new name.

Names that are registered on NickServ must be identified by /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password> Or you can select window #2 by the alt key and number 2 and enter IDENTIFY <password>. N.B alt key 0-10 is for windows 0-10, Alt-q through Alt-o is for 11-19.

To join a channel, issue /j #slackware, that will bring you to the wonderful people on Slackware's official channel on the Libera Chat IRC network.

Ctrl-X is used to switch between network connections, if you are connected to multiple servers, e.g. and another server.

/query and /q are used to initiate private convesationa with people. eg. /query linus would open a private chat window with the user 'linus'.

/set in the first window, shows all the settings, where by help is found by issuing the command. e.g. /help dcc would bring up information on the dcc commmand.

Window management

/WINDOW NEW , splits the screen in half this new window will have a number assigned to it, to access just type alt 4, if the window is number 4. /WINDOW CLOSE , this closes the current window. /WINDOW BALANCE , this i am constantly using to keep the windows the same size. /window name hilight, whenever someone types your name in the channel, the line is highlighted in another colour.

Don't forget to run the /save command, so that next time irssi loads, all the windows will be there.

SET term_force_colors ON, is a very useful command, as certain xterms need this to display the colours correctly.