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in a recent post on linux.org someone asked how to go about writing a slackbuild script. I thought I would follow this documentation & see how things worked out.

The most recent release on github is v2019.2 release date 6th June 2o19. Thus i edited wget link to that download.

I've tested $ wget -O latex2html-2019.2.tar.gz https://github.com/latex2html/latex2html/archive/v2019.2.tar.gz and it downloads the tar.gz to my home folder with the name latex2html-2019.2.tar.gz.

Also i have successfully created a package latex2html-2019.2-i486-1_SBo.tgz which launched on my 14.2 32 bit slackware box.

Now when it came to the actual slackbuild file i used, i tried different approaches including Alien slackbuild kit , mksb and another.

Eventually i downloaded latex2html from slackbuild.org for slackware 13 or thereabouts and edited it.

Since this slackbuild document references latex2html my thinking is that to further help understand a slackbuild maybe the actual slackbuild for latex would be dissected with explanation.