X Windows: Remote X to Linux

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NOTE: in the X11 world, the SERVER machine is the one listening for a connection (your desktop).
NOTE: The CLIENT machine is the one initiating the connection (the remote machine).
I know, it sounds backwards but, it is actually correct if you understand the X11 connection.

1) Tell your X11 Server Linux box (your desktop) to accept X11 connections from the Client machines.

  • If it's a one time connection, just run the following from the command line


  • You can add the following to .bashrc or .profile to make it permenant
    xhost +

2) Start the connection from the Client Linux machine (the remote machine)- Connect to the remote Linux machine via ssh/telnet/rlogin/whatever and run:

     EXAMPLE: DISPLAY=;export DISPLAY;xterm &
     REMEMBER: The X11 server is your desktop.